Red Hot Chili Peppers star Flea has taken to his official and verified Instagram account today and showed his respect after hearing the news that Larry McMurtry has passed away from this world.

Larry McMurtry had born in Texas, United States and he was considered as one of the most talented essayists and booksellers of all time. Unfortunately, McMurtry died yesterday at his own house in Archer City at the age of 84. The authorities have not made any announcement about the official cause of death.

While paying his tribute to Larry McMurtry, he mentioned the Western adventure television miniseries named ‘Lonesome Dove‘ that was written by Larry himself. The series was released by CBS and it got more than 18 awards including the 1989 Emmy Awards.

Here is what Flea wrote about Larry:

“Larry McMurtry blew my mind with Lonesome Dove. Fucking phenomenal. His stories will live forever. Go gently Larry, to where the greats go.”

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