Red Hot Chili Peppers bass guitarist Flea shared his formula to be happy via his official Twitter account and showed what he needs to be cheerful while the world is suffering from several problems.

In the tweet, Flea wrote that the world could be a good place when he listens to Biz Markie’s Albee Square Mall even though there are lots of bad things like coronavirus and racism that hits the world.

While Flea is showing how he is a positive person, he also revealed the secret tip for the people who wants to find happiness. With this post, Flea proved that people only could be happy while appreciating the little things in life and unveiled his formula.

Here is what Flea said:

“The world will be in a good place when I can chill and listen to Biz Markie do Albee Square Mall without thinking about how badly my fellow humans are suffering.”

A fan user named Mya replied:

“I don’t think the world has ever been without suffering. Maybe during the prehistoric times?”

Another fan user named Lost Man wrote:

“Music could be possibly the key to be in peace and happiness because it has the power to manipulate our feelings positively. It’s a pity nobody sees music that way…”

You can check out the tweet below.