On Twitter, Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ iconic bass guitarist and diehard Lakers fan, Flea, posted a tweet claiming he would have been the greatest NBA analyst of all time.

As you might know, Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ bassist Flea is a huge fan of basketball and his all-time favorite team is Los Angeles Lakers. He even has a tattoo on his right arm which says ‘Go Lakers!‘.

Flea often takes his social media accounts to show his support for the Lakers as well as to express his opinions on the current status of the team. Recently on his official Twitter account, Flea made a bold claim about his knowledge of basketball.

In his tweet, Flea claimed he would have been the greatest NBA analyst ever considering that he had a comprehensive knowledge of basketball and the NBA, and also he’d never missed a game.

Here’s what Flea stated in his latest tweet:

“I would be the greatest NBA analyst of all time.”

You can see the tweet Flea posted on his official Twitter account below.

A few weeks ago, Flea posted tweets on Twitter expressing his concerns about the latest news about the injuries of Lebron James, Anthony Davis, and Rajan Rondo. The diehard Lakers fan mentioned they should better win the next game regardless of the possible injuries and honor their late teammate Kobe Bryant.

Here’s what Flea said in his tweet:

“Ahhhh, they gotta win tomorrow dude, time to play with a sprained finger. Kobe style. We need ultimate intensity on the morrow.”

You can see the tweet Flea posted on his Twitter account below.