The iconic star of Red Hot Chili Peppers and also almost 1M followed social media influencer, Flea, shared a new photo on his official Instagram page to mourn the tragic death of George Floyd.

As you might already catch the news, a 46-year-old black man named George Floyd has passed away yesterday after one of four Minneapolis cop pushed his knee on his neck and killed him relentlessly.

After seeing this tragic news, Flea seemed devastated and stated that this news is so heartbreaking to watch. Also, he shared his goodwill and prayers for him.

Here is what Flea wrote about that sad tragedy:

“This is too heartbreaking. Again. Rest In Peace George Floyd.”

A follower of Flea named Tejas made the most-liked comment under the post:

“It’s more than heartbreaking. It’s absolutely disgusting and revolting. The look on the cops faces as he kept digging and digging into his neck.”

Another user, Little Debbie, shared her thoughts on the incident:

“The amount of entitlement these cops think they have, stuff really needs to change. This shouldn’t be a situation where we have to wait for a huge tragedy to happen in order to set things straight.

Something needs to be done to stop this from happening now. Pray for the downfall of racism.”

You can check out the latest Instagram post of Flea below.

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