Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing the brand new show of John Lurie named ‘Painting With John,’ however, fans first thought it was his show with Red Hot Chili Peppers’ guitarist John Frusciante.

As you may know, John Lurie is a musician, painter, actor, director, and producer with an expanded and triumphant career in every field he has laid his hand on. He co-founded the Lounge Lizards jazz ensemble, acted in 19 films, composed and performed music for 20 television and film works, and produced, directed, and starred in the ‘Fishing with John‘ television series.

However, Lurie has suffered from symptoms attributed to chronic Lyme disease and has focused his attention on painting since 2000. His art has been shown in galleries and museums around the world.

Recently, Flea shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing Lurie’s brand new project with HBO, ‘Painting With John,’ and expressed his admiration for John Lurie‘s music and art.

Here is how Flea announced the release of John Lurie’s show:

“Painting with John!’n

This show gonna fill our hearts up. I’m so excited about it, I love John Lurie, I love his music, I love his art. This is a beautiful thing fuck yeah. Out on HBO Max on January 22.”

After reading the headline on the caption of Flea’s post, many of his fans thought it was going to be a painting show of Flea and his bandmate John Frusciante. Red Hot Chili Peppers’ fans shared several comments under Flea’s Instagram post expressing their disappointment.

Here is what one of his fans stated:

“Oh what a letdown, I thought this would be about John Frusciante’s painting…”

Here is how another fan reacted:
“I thought this was a show about you and John Frusciante‘s painting. Seriously”
You can see the Instagram post below.