Red Hot Chili Peppers bass guitarist Flea took to his official Twitter account to share his reaction about the Western Conference playoffs and mocked Los Angeles Clippers in a funny way.

During the semifinals of the Western Conference, Los Angeles Clippers was against Denver Nuggets. It was a tough series for both sides, but Nuggets managed to pass the Clippers in the last match and reach the conference finals.

After watching the series, Flea wanted to mock the Clippers as a true Los Angeles Lakers fan and mentioned about how they ended up losing the series. Also, he revealed the only lovable player in their roster.

Flea claimed that Lou Williams is the only player who he has a positive thought about and praised the talent of Lou. Additionally, he said that Lou didn’t deserve losing the series with his amazing performance.

Here is what Flea said:

“This is the most clippery clippingest clipper shit since they did the same thing against the rockets a few years ago.”

NFL player Chris Long wrote:

“Lou Williams didn’t deserve this.”

Flea replied:

“I agree. By far the loveable clipper, what a stone-cold scorer. I was so sad when the lakers traded him.”

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