One of the most iconic bass guitarists in the world, Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Michael Peter ‘Flea’ Balzary, has shared an interesting photo of a man via his verified and official Instagram account.

If you look at the photo that Flea shared, he named the main inspiration source of himself and the person is John Lurie who is a successful saxophonist and actor.

In the recent Instagram post, Flea has made a special statement about John Lurie and explained why he is so important for himself. We learned that they had a very close friend and flea was inspiration from John Lurie.

Here’s the statement of Flea for John Lurie:

“This is John Lurie. He is a spinning planet of a dynamo and an inspiration to me.

He is my true friend for going on four decades now, and I love him.”

A user named Scott Daniel commented:

“Love his paintings -he once guided me to an all-night diner in NYC when I missed my last bus home.”

Another user named Brian El Dorado added this comment:

“To go fishing with you two would really be something man.”

You can see the Instagram post of Flea right below.