The famous bassist of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Flea has shared a special selfie of himself on Instagram, and revealed an interesting information that he learned from his close-friend, Suffer Snap. 

Here’s the caption:

“Akira Kurosawa is the greatest filmmaker that ever lived. I learned that shit from @suffersnap.”

A fan named the_cats_purr wrote this:

“I could freeze every frame of Rashomon and concentrate on that shit for hours. Absolutely beautiful.”

Another fans said:

“You’re so awesome ily.”

A fan named Gaston asks a favor of Flea, and said:

“It’s my birthday and I wish I could have a greeting from you. They do not know how much they have helped me overcome many stages thanks to your music and that of the band, thanks”

Another fan named Inge looked at the photo from another perspective, and said:

“Looking like a million dollar 🔥”

You can see the post of Flea below.