Australian-American star who is the founding member of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea, took his official Twitter account today and shared what he wishes as a Christmas present while having a conversation with an influencer on Twitter.

As Flea responded to one of his followers’ questions, he showed his respect to Captain Beefheart who is also known by his real name, Don Van Vliet. Captain was one of the most talented stars of the 20th century and passed away at the age of 59 earlier in 2010. Flea showed his admiration for Beefheart by saying he wishes to get the whole discography of him.

After stating that he wants the box set of the legendary star Captain Beefheart’s discography as a box set, he also shared that he wants Los Angeles Lakers belt buckle as a die-hard fan. You may already know, Purple and gold Lakers have managed to become the NBA champion with Anthony Davis and Lebron James this year.

Here’s how Dirt Prince started the conversation:

“Does Anyone know what my dad wants for Christmas?”

Flea responded to his question by stating:

“Captain Beefheart boxset.”

Dirt Prince asked again:

“Flea, Is that what you want?”

Here’s what Flea stated:

All dads want it, it’s universal. That and a Lakers belt buckle.

You can check out the tweets below.