The founding member and the bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea has replied one of his fans’ tweet in which the fan shared a school project she did by using Flea’s lesser-known song ‘Pedestal of Infamy.’

One of the most kind-hearted and generous musicians, Flea has proved his benevolent side and his dedication to his younger fans again. A follower of him, whose name is Mandula, shared her project for her media class in high school. To fulfill her task, she said that she took the music video for Flea’s song ‘Pedestal of Infamy.’

Highly touched by this act of his fan, Flea admitted he is so surprised that Mandula has even heard this music, let alone liked it. He thanked his fan to take the time to make that precious work and said he is honored.

The song which the fan used is from the debut solo EP of Flea, ‘Helen Burns.’ The EP was released on July 19, 2012, through the Silverlake Conservatory of Music website. ‘Helen Burns‘ includes six songs, all of them were produced and written by Flea, except the song ‘Helen Burns’ which was co-written with Patti Smith.

Here is what the fan, whose name is Szilágyi E. Mandula, said in her tweet by mentioning Flea:

“Hi! My name is Mandula. I’m from Hungary and I have a project for my media class in high school. My task is to make a music video. I really love your song, ‘Pedestal of Infamy‘, so I choose that for my video. And I wanted to show it to you.”

Flea replied and said:

Wow! Szilàgyi, I am so touched that you took the time to make that. I am so surprised that you have even heard this music, let alone liked it. I am honored, thank you.”

You can see the tweets and the music video of ‘Pedestal of Infamy’ below: