Flea, the founding member and iconic bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, has paid huge respects to the 70’s phenomenal R&B band, Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs, while commemorating the band’s frontman James Paul Koncek.

One of the most acclaimed musicians on social media due to his sensitivity and sincerity, Flea, has shown his admiration to the legendary singer, James Paul Koncek, a.k.a. Top Jimmy, whose voice even got the attention of The Doors member Ray Manzarek.

The bass guitarist has responded to the comment of Steve Wynn, who is the owner of the record label Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs worked with, about the band and expressed his own love for them.

Agreeing with Wynn about Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs’ being the best live band ever, Flea said he saw them play a hundred times and each time was funner than the last.

He continued and blessed Top Jimmy, who brought an amazing legacy behind with his deep, soulful, and raucous performances. Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs was a rock and R&B band that emerged from the Los Angeles punk/roots music scene of the late 1970s and early to mid-1980s.

Top Jimmy, who got his nickname from working at a fast-food stand called Top Taco, began playing out in 1979. At some point, while still working at Top Taco, he got a job as a part-time roadie for X in that band’s early days.

At the end of a soundcheck, he sang a version of ‘Roadhouse Blues‘ by The Doors. That got the attention of the band and Doors member Ray Manzarek, who was then X’s producer. In 1980, backed by the surviving members of The Doors, including Manzarek, Jimmy sang ‘Roadhouse Blues’ at a special event.

A Twitter page, named Dig Those Old Records, posted about Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs and said:

The band’s first and only record, was recorded in 1981 but released in 1987 – after the group had begun to crumble. It got its belated issue on Down There Records, a label run by another L.A. musician, Steve Wynn.

The album also bore the logo of Restless Records.”

Steve Wynn responded to the tweet above as:

“Maybe my favorite live band ever. It was an honor to release their only album. I hope it gets reissued someday.”

Flea reacted to him as:

“I saw them play a hundred times and each time was funnier than the last. God bless Top Jimmy. Rip.”

He continued with another tweet and said:

“Funner, not funnier. It was deep, soulful, and raucous.”

You can see the tweets below.