Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist and the founding member, Flea, posted a new tweet on his official Twitter account today and paid his tribute to the legendary hip-hop group Public Enemy as they celebrate the 31st anniversary of ‘Fear of a Black Planet.’

New-York based hip-hop group Public Enemy was formed by Flavor Flav and Chuck D. back in 1985 and got huge attention after their bold messages about the current political status of the world. After releasing their debut album named ‘Yo! Bum Rush The Show’ in 1987, the group was recognized by the whole world.

‘Fear of a Black Planet’ was the third studio album of legendary American group Public Enemy and it was recorded by Def Jam Recordings / Columbia Records back in 1990. The album originally features 20 tracks, including 14 instrumentals and remixes which were released as a deluxe edition bonus disc in 2014.

In his latest tweet of Flea, he stated that the album is one of his favorite albums of all time and called it ‘historically significant’ and ‘a stunning piece of art.’

Here is what Public Enemy wrote to celebrate the anniversary:

“31 years ago today, ain’t a damn thing changed. What’s your favorite record on this project?”

Flea took the tweet and responded:

“One of my favorite albums ever made. Welcome to the terror dome. A stunning piece of art, historically significant.”

You can check out the tweets below.