Red Hot Chili Peppers’ legendary bass guitarist Flea took to his official Twitter account to reveal one of his favorite television series and explained the scene that makes him sad every time he remembers it.

Flea replied to a tweet of a talented poet, Mira Gonzalez, in which she was mentioning the episode of ‘The Sopranos’ which is a television series about one of the iconic characters in the show, Junior, played by Dominic Chianese.

Flea explained that his heart is still broken because of the episode where Junior threw spaghetti to his girlfriend’s face, even though he watched the series about fifteen years ago. In this way, Flea showed that he can easily be affected by these kinds of shows.

Here is what Mira Gonzalez said:

“I think about the episode of the sopranos where junior gets roasted for eating pussy like, at least once a day.”

Flea replied:

“I watched that show like 15 years ago and my heart is still broke from when he throws the spaghetti in his girlfriend’s face.”

Mira wrote this back:

“I feel you. hurt my heart watching the rest of the show knowing none of those women were getting their pussies eaten.”

You can read the tweets below.