The founding member and bassist of the iconic Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and paid tribute to one of his favorite people in the world, Sweetbryar Ludwig, and appreciated her immortal art.

Flea is one of the rockstars who are the most active on social media and he often likes sharing his views on new bands and albums, posting personal memories, and paying tribute to his loved ones.

This time, he used his Instagram account to pay tribute and bid farewell to one of his favorite people in the world, Sweetbryar Ludwig. Flea referred to her as a ‘powerhouse of love and cosmic energy‘ and appreciated her contribution to Flea’s life.

Flea stated that she was an inspiration and a source of encouragement when he was recovering from his drug abuse problem. He added that she was always kind and supportive even when he did not believe in himself.

With his recent Instagram post, Flea paid tribute to one of the artists that inspired him the most, he said goodbye to Sweetbryar Ludwig. Not only had she become close friends with Flea, but she had also created artwork for Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In his heartfelt message, Flea said that he loved her artworks such as the cards she had painted, which he included in his farewell post. He said that he was honored to work with Sweetbryar Ludwig on the ‘One Hot Minute album’s artwork’s calligraphy.

Flea ended his touching message by saying that people loved her very much and that her memory will stay with them. He added that her light and the way she touched everyone’s hearts will live forever.

Here’s what Flea said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“The infinite Sweetbryar Ludwig, one of my favorite people I’ve ever met has broken through to the other side. Bless her beautiful heart she was a powerhouse of love and cosmic energy!

All huge heart, open-mindedness, untethered creativity, and strength. She was wild! She was deep! She was magical! She inspired me, encouraged me, and was kind and supportive of me when I was a drugged-out disaster of a person.”

He continued by saying:

“Pictured here also with her amazing husband Robin Ludwig. Sweetbryar was a deeply soulful calligrapher and artist, you can see some of the playing cards she painted in recent years, of musicians she loved and admired: Ma Rainey, Ethel Waters, Duke Ellington, Jack Bruce, Louis Armstrong, Darryl from the Bad Brains, and more.

You could see some of her calligraphy in the artwork for the RHCP album One Hot Minute, I was so honored we got to do a project with her. She was loved deeply and will live forever. Her light will always shine.”

You can check out the series of photos that Flea posted on his Instagram account below.