Flea, the founding member and legendary bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, has shared a new photo on his official Instagram page today and showed her huge respect to one of the most talented spoken word performers of modern times, Kae Tempest.

Flea admitted that Kae is touching his heart more than any recording artist on the earth, including legendary musicians. Kae Tempest who has born as Kate Esther Calvert has born in 1985 and she’s one of the most famous spoken word performers of the world right now.

At the age of 16, Kate was accepted to RIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon and she released 5 poetry collections, 4 different plays, and a novel named The Bricks That Built the Houses.

Flea’s touching words about Kae Tempest have been liked by over 12K people on Instagram and lots of users went to the comment section to show their respect to Kae.

Here is what Flea wrote about Kae Tempest:

“There is not a recording artist on earth right now touching my heart deeper than Kae.”

You can check out the photo of Flea below.