Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea shared a post on Twitter revealing his thoughts about the collaboration between The Who bassist Pino Palladino and the Roots’ drummer Questlove, and apparently, Flea finds it one of the funkiest thing of the last three decades.

As you might know, Questlove and Pino Palladino were in a band named ‘The Soultronics’ which served as the backing band for musician D’Angelo in 2000 during The Voodoo Tour, the supporting tour for D’Angelo’s second studio album ‘Voodoo.’

The Soultronics is considered as a supergroup due to the fact that it was composed of artists who are themselves already part of a group, or from totally different musical origins. The large-scale group consisted of up to thirteen members some of whom only participated sporadically during the tour.

Recently, Flea shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing his opinion about the supergroup and both Questlove and Pino Palladino being in it to work for The Voodoo Tour. Apparently, Flea considers their work as the funkiest thing that has happened for the last 30 years even though it happened only 20 years ago.

Here is what Flea stated in his latest tweet:

“Pino and Questlove on Voodoo is still the funkiest thing of the last 30 years

You can see the Twitter post below.