Red Hot Chili Peppers icon Flea shared a new post after a day and saddened the fans with yet another great man’s passing soul on his official Instagram account.

You might remember that Flea has shared the unexpected death of a movie producer, Steve Bing yesterday, and showed off how sad he was after hearing the bad news. You can check out the details by clicking here.

And today, Flea saddened the community with yet another emotional letter he’s penned. After the police-involved death of Elijah McClain, almost millions of people signed an online petition to research how and why Elijah has died in police custody.

There are many theories and statements on Eliaj’s death and Flea shared one of them just like he’s witnessed everything with his own eyes.

Here is the short but bold message of Flea on the caption:

“Violin Vigil for Elijah McClain. ❤️❤️❤️”

And here is the emotional letter that was penned by Flea:

“Imagine you are a young man walking down the street, on the way home from the store. For no reason, you are set upon by a group of men with guns. They throw you down to the concrete and handcuff you.

Then their associates come and inject you with a tranquilizer that sends you into cardiac arrest and kills you. Imagine your terror. Imagine if it were your son, your brother, your love, your friend. That’s what happened to Elijah McLain.”

You can check out the emotional photos that Flea shared right below.

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Violin Vigil for Elijah McClain ❤️❤️❤️

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