The founding member and bassist of the all-time favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea, shared a photo on his Instagram account and expressed his respect, love, and admiration for the iconic musician, Neil Young.

Flea often uses his social media accounts to share personal moments, celebrate the birthday of legendary rockstars, pay tribute to the lost ones, or show his appreciation of albums and bands.

This time, Fela posted a photo of a legendary rockstar and warmed the hearts of his fans and followers with his cute birthday message. The honored rockstar of Flea’s latest Instagram post was Buffalo Springfield’s, Neil Young.

Flea referred to Neil young as a hero and said that he is still channeling the depth and giving it voice which probably what makes him such a great artist in Flea’s eyes. Flea referred to the musician’s birthday as an opportunity for people to celebrate Neil Young rather than Neil Young celebrating his.

Neil Young’s contribution to rock music is without a doubt great. There are two titles that he has earned over the years by proving himself as a rockstar. Firstly, Buffalo Springfield, alongside The Byrds, is considered to be a stepping stone for the development of folk-rock.

Secondly, Young is often known for his associated acts with the Crazy Horse. His guitar playing is different with the Crazy Horse in comparison to his previous acts. His different way of playing the electric guitar, often in a distorted way, earned him the nickname ‘Godfather of Grunge.’

It seems like Flea, aware of Neil Young’s contribution to the rock culture and rock history, wanted to take a moment and celebrate his hero, a man who’s ‘songs will touch hearts forever’ as Flea put it.

Here’s what Flea said in the caption of the photo that he posted:

“We get to celebrate Neil Young today!!! Happy birthday Neil. Still channeling the depth and giving it voice. What a dude, what a hero, I love him so much. His songs will touch hearts forever.”

You can check out the photo that Flea posted on his Instagram account below.