Red Hot Chilli Peppers star Flea is very well-known as a hardcore NBA and soccer fan. Today, Flea posted a recent tweet on his verified account and slammed the ‘England Premier League’ with harsh criticism.

As you will read the statements of Flea below, he indicated that EPL has to fit some kind of ‘Salary Cap’ system, as well as the NBA.

Here is what Flea wrote:

“It’s so weird that there’s no salary cap in premier league football.

Like whoever has the most money wins? What the fuck.”

A user named Berto commented on the post:

“Also in music. People with more money and more connections win in this shady industry. Music sadly gets judged by popularity and not quality more often. Oh and while you’re at it, pls listen to my cool bassline!”

Flea responded:

“Thanks for sharing your music with me. Sounds great. But, I have never thought of music as a competition. There is no winning or losing. If your goal is to touch as many hearts as possible, you stand a better chance of doing it by abandoning a competitive philosophy. Play free.

You can see the tweets right below.