Red Hot Chilli Peppers star Flea has recently interviewed by GQ Magazine‘s Bob Ledonne and revealed how did he quit on drugs and what he thinks about the epidemic diseases.

As you might read his statements below, Flea confessed that he’s not using drugs for almost 3o years.

GQ Magazine Asked this:

“There are also moments in the book where you essentially scold your younger self. For example, you write about shooting heroin with the same dirty needle passed around at a party at the height of the AIDS epidemic.”

Flea responded and said that:

“All of these things I wrote about are all things that were swimming around in my consciousness. I wanted to look at them and try to understand them. Like in the instance of doing drugs in the stupidest way possible, I just feel so grateful—and watched over—that I was able to survive that stuff.

And though it’s been 27 years since I’ve done drugs like that, it hurt me. It slowed down the process of learning about myself and learning to be a functional, loving light in the world, which is all I ever wanted.”

Flea continued:

“But, I was wild and I was in the street and didn’t know better and I made big mistakes. I was always yearning for a feeling of connection and love, but I didn’t know how to go about it. When it came time for me to stop doing drugs and drinking alcohol, I just felt everything that hurt. And from that pain, I learned.

I want to walk through it, I want to grow, I want to get to the other side and be the best person I can be and I never want to stop being better.”

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