Red Hot Chilli Peppers icon Flea posted a recent photo on his official Instagram page today and revealed his thoughts on the recent book of famous Twitter and Instagram phenomenon, Darcie Wilder.

Flea admitted that he loved the book named ‘literally show me a healthy person,’ and spread lots of compliments to the young writer and social media personality. One of the users who commented on the post was Van Halen legend, Sammy Hagar.

Flea wrote this in the caption:

“Just finished this baby by Darcie Wilder @cumcumcumcumcumcumcumcum Could literally see and feel her thoughts racing, marching, flipping through her brain, and the rest of her.

A one of a kind book, all the little fragments of her held together by a deep effort of love. So artfully done, wild rhythms words forming an arc of acceptance, love, death, disappointment, and betrayal. And did I mention love.”

Sammy Hagar commented and said that:

“Damn brother, I can’t keep up with your Literal love/Interest/ambition’s. Just finishing yours. Need to digest. It’s damn near constipating it’s so good❤️”

Flea responded:

@sammyhagar thanks Sammy! I love to read! All my life, every day.”

You can see the photo below.