While enjoying the release of his latest book named ‘Acid for the Children,’ Red Hot Chilli Peppers icon Flea revealed a really blood-curdling truth about the cover of the book.

As Flea posted a new photo on his official Instagram page today, he also shared the story of the cover and confessed that he was smoking joint on the day he took this photo.

You might check out the caption of the photo that he stated he was just 12-years-old during the photo shootout.

Here is the caption:

“On the cover of my book, I am 12 years old and smoking a spliff. This is me after I smoked it on that summer day. A stoned little kid.”

A user named wilkpics made a great comment:

“I am 2/3 of the way through your book and while I’m enjoying it I’m also low key annoyed that it’s only a memoir of your PRE-RHCP life.

As much as I enjoy pages and pages and pages about your stepdad, jazz. and jacking off I was hoping for Uhh the making of Californication or why y’all hate Dave Navarro, or playing with Nirvana in 91 or the depths of drug addiction. Ohhhh well looking forward to Part 2 if you write it.”

You can check out the photo below.