Yesterday, Flea shared a topless photo of himself while he was lying down on the beach. This picture was so cool that many fans showed their reaction.

A fan named Charlie Parker wondering if Flea was drinking alcohol and asked a really clever question to him.

Charlie Parker asked:

“Hungover bro?”

After a moment, Flea responded to Charlie and stated that he never drunks these days:

“@wsxak don’t drink alcohol”

According to the book that Flea wrote, ‘Acid For The Children,’ Flea is clean since he was 30, and with this comment, Flea confirmed this information.

In addition, this post got over 76.000 like and 500 comments that it became one of the most liked posts that Flea has.

You can check the post below.

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The moon is made of honey

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Today, Flea shared a photo of himself on his Instagram Stories while he was hanging out in Southeast Asia. And the photo was taken right beside one of the biggest deltas in the world.

In the picture, we can see that he was topless beside his long shorts and socks. After he went to Mekong Delta in Southeast Asia, he was fascinated and wanted to memorize this beautiful place.

Here is what Flea captioned:


You can check the photo below.