According to recent report of Alternative Nation, two new sources has revealed major details about classic lineup reunion of Van Halen.

A fan named Brew Crew posted on Van Halen’s fan forum:

“It was announced on a Chicago radio station that Wrigley Field booked VH and a “special guest”. This was around January 3rd or so. Fyi. I have no inside information.”

Another fan has shared the same claim on Reddit:

“Rumor – the 1984 lineup is reuniting for a concert at Wrigley Field Chicago July25. I heard this on the Mancow WLS radio show this morning. He has good sources.”

Click here to source of the statements via Alternative Nation.

Two days ago, during a recent episode of Trunk Nation podcast, a new source named Derek claimed that Van Halen will perform a live show with classic lineup in Chicago at Wrigley Field on July 27th.

Here’s the statement:

“One of my colleagues has a brother who works at Live Nation, who allegedly told him that Van Halen has booked a date at Wrigley Field on July 27th. Take it for what it’s worth, I hope it’s true, but I hope it’s nothing else.”

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