British rock legend Elton John has made a new question and answer session with David Williams and revealed some untold details about the death of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

Elton mentioned about the mood of Freddie at the last days of him and also said that ‘he was physically terrifying to look at.’

Here’s the entire statement:

“I didn’t go and see him often as Aids was terrifying and he was physically terrifying to look at. While he was dying he was still buying things at auction.

He wasn’t thinking about dying at all. He showed no fear to me about dying, no fear or sadness. When you went there you had an audience with Freddie.”

Elton also shared a little-known story about Freddie and said:

“On Christmas morning Tony King came round and gave me this pillowcase. As you read in the book my drag name is Sharon and Freddie was Melina. In this beautiful pillowcase was this watercolor painting. In the note that went with it said “Dear Sharon, I saw this at auction and I thought you would love it. I love you, Malena.”

It was really moving. He was dying and he still thought of his friends. I still have it on its easel and I still have the pillowcase next to my bed. That is the type of person he was. He was so so full of love and life.”

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