Youtube channel named “Grunge” has shared a new video which shows the truth behind why David Lee Roth really left Van Halen in 1985.

Here’s the statement of the video:

“With David Lee Roth on vocals and Eddie Van Halen on guitar, Van Halen jumped into the music scene in the late ’70s. But just a few years later, Roth jumped right out of the band as they peaked. Here’s why David Lee Roth really left Van Halen.

When you have a band named after you like Eddie Van Halen does, you probably want to have a say in the direction your group is headed in. That became more and more clear as the band”s popularity surged. Roth wanted to keep things loose and fun, while Eddie wanted to become more diverse and music-oriented.

The friction really came to a head during the tour for their massive hit album 1984. Once Roth departed, the barbs flew. When Eddie discovered that Roth was working on a movie prior to his Van Halen departure, he publicly said, “Dave left to be a movie star.”

He also revealed that Roth even boldly asked if Eddie would write a film score for him. So it’s probably fair to say that being in a band with Eddie van Halen may not always be rainbows and sunshine. Keep watching the video to learn why David Lee Roth really left Van Halen!”

Watch the entire video below.