A one of the little-known interviews of famous actress Barbara Valentine unearthed by Alternative Nation, and the interview revealed some sad details about tragic last phone call which Freddie Mercury got before his death.

Barbara spoke in an interview with Roger Willemsen, and Roger said:

“Every time a good friend pass away, the bereaved think about a last wish, or a last thing they would love to do with the person who`s gone, if he was still alive…”

Barbara responded and gave some details about her last phone call to Freddie Mercury:

“I wish I could have seen him one more time, and the crazy thing is, that I called him (at Garden Lodge) the hour he passed away.

I just had that feeling that something bad was going on…One of his Bodyguards cuts it very short with me on the phone…wich was unusual…there was a nervous aura all around
‘We’ll call you back’ Then I thought something is really wrong there.

And then, later that night at 2:00 AM they called me and told me about his death.

It’s crazy because I haven`t called him for two weeks. I was just sending letters to him, he did not pick up the phone anymore. Something was making me mad that evening, so I felt the need to call him.”

Click here for the source of the statement. (Alternative Nation)