In a recent article that publish on PayBill, Seth Rudetsky has shared untold stories from former Queen manager John Reid and Ann Harada.

As you can read below, Seth told a story about how Freddie Mercury fought with John Reid in a restaurant for an interesting reason.

Here’s the story:

“One day, John had told the band not to do any interviews without clearing them through him. Well, that night they went out to dinner and Freddie told him he had just done an interview!

As John puts it, “So, we had an argument. He told me to f*ck off… and off I f*cked and went home.” A little while later, a brick came through John’s window! John looked out the window and there was Freddie with his hands on his hips yelling, “Don’t you ever f*ing leave me in a restaurant again!” And more.

John invited him in to talk it through and, as he tells it, from that point on they had a great relationship! Maybe it’s different in England; if all it takes to have a great relationship is one person acting completely crazy, then I should have a great relationship with all of my ex-boyfriends. Spoiler alert: I do not.”

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