One of the well-known journalists on social media, Melodic Rock’s Andrew McNeice posted a couple of new tweets on his Twitter account and cleared the air about the latest rumors.

As you might know that, nowadays, the whole community is talking about David Lee Roth’s possible departure and returning of Michael Anthony and former frontman, Sammy Hagar.

Here is what Andrew McNeice wrote about those rumors:

“Let the ‘Dave’s Out Of Van Halen’ rumors commence! #davesout”

He continued with another tweet:

“No, @sammyhagaris not returning to @vanhalenAnd no, there is no confirmation Dave is out, as there isn’t any band for him to be out of really.

No activity on the horizon. But Dave is doing his own thing now and doesn’t have the constraints of a VH contract holding him back.”

Check out the tweets below.