Dave Lee, former guitar technician of Red Hot Chili Peppers, spoke in an interview with JFE and explained why John Frusciante left the band. He said:

“Here’s why I get it… People generally want to be successful because with success, usually comes wealth. And most people feel if they were rich, most of their problems will be solved. Very common misconception.

Making lots of money does offer a certain amount of freedom and good times. But if you have enough money to live on, and the work you are doing to make more money than you really need is making you miserable, then it’s not worth it.

John Frusciante is the real deal. He is a true artist. His life is creating his art, and enjoying the art of others. If he doesn’t feel as though he’s able to create his art while in the Chili Peppers? Then it’s not worth it.

Think of Dave Chappelle. When he walked away from $50,000,000 and his TV show. He has enough money. So why stick around if you’re unable to enjoy it?”

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