Speaking in an interview by Chili Peppers Word, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea explained why he left out using his social media accounts. He said:

I was [on social media] at one time. I just felt this subtle addiction where I would be picking up my phone to look at it, and that’s just a ridiculous way to spend time.

Also, the weird subtle psychological thing of: you think of a smart funny thing to say – ‘Oh, lemme tweet that!’, ’cause that’s a good tweet. I think I was a pretty good tweeter, but I just don’t think it’s healthy, at least for me.

People’s attention spans seem to be really declining, and the ability to just get into things without feeling that you have to look at your phone instead of getting into listening to a record or looking at a painting or reading a book or watching a sporting event.

All these beautiful things people do and we can’t look at them or listen to them without checking our phone every 5 seconds to validate our existence on the Earth. It’s kind of a sad state of affairs. I decided to disengage of that.”

You can listen entir interview from below.