In a recent question and answer session at NAMM 2019, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus took questions from the audience.

He talked about his biggest influences, and said:

“My biggest influence? That’s tougher than the ‘Les Paul or Strat’ question. There are so many, I mean, there are so many people that have influenced me and my playing it’s hard to narrow down.

Jeff Beck was huge to me, and, I mean, he’s still huge to me. In my opinion, the greatest living guitar player. He was rehearsing the next door one time so we would come early and sit outside his room.

Every day was completely different, it was just mind-boggling good. I’m a guitar player, but I don’t know what he’s playing. He was amazing.”

On playing with Slash, he said:

“I was playing with him before, it’s beyond my wildest expectations. Just because we relate as people and musicians, it’s like a dream band for me. I mean, not just because of their history, but because of who they are as musicians.”

A fan asked ‘Does your technique change by playing with different guitarists?’, Richard responded:

“Music is a vocabulary, you know, it’s a language, just like communicating with someone. When you’re around somebody that talks a lot, you tend to not talk that much, like, sit back and listen more.

So if you’re playing with somebody that has a lot to say, sit a little back. So definitely, people direct the conversations, so players will sort of direct how they want the conversation to go.”

Watch the interview below. Click here to source of the statement via Ultimate-Guitar.