Guns N’ Roses reunite the legendary line-up including Slash and Duff McKagan, and they performs live concert performances. The band is making a lot of money through these concerts. Everyone thinks that the reason for the reunion is money.

The guitarist Richard Fortus shared his opinion on the matter in an interview with KSHE. He said the reason for the reunion was not money. He interpreted Axl’s situation as follows:

“Axl has been going on on time for years before the reunion. It’s been great. Is money the motivating factor for him? Absolutely not. I’ve never seen that guy motivated by money, as long as I’ve known him. Otherwise, this reunion would have happened a long time ago.”

In terms of Slash, he said:

“Honestly, I don’t think money was a motivating factor for anybody, other than the stars just seemed to align. We didn’t have a bass player, we didn’t have a guitar player. Really, that’s how it sort of happened.”

You can listen the whole interview from below.