Speaking to Heavy Magazine from Australia, Rammstein mastermind Richard Kruspe has revealed his thoughts about current state of rock music.

He said that ‘I feel like it’s almost like rock music is dead’. He also revealed that why kids don’t listen to rock music anymore in Germany. Here’s the statement:

“The most important thing in music is that it has to touch me, and it has to have an emotional effect on me. There’s a lot of music out there that can do it. The only thing I kind of realize what’s happening right now, I feel like it’s almost like rock music is dead.

The times are over where rock music was a rebellious factor in the youth of our society, especially in Germany. In Germany, the kids don’t listen to rock music anymore, because they can’t rebel.

Those days where you’d put a song on and the guitars were screaming and the parents would say, ‘No!’ — they’re saying now, ‘Yes! Make it louder!’ The kids, they don’t really rebel with rock music. What they’re doing, they have certain kind of lyrics. The rebellion part, it’s more in the language, in the lyrics, rather than the music.

There’s only one music I can’t get really my finger on, which is the new trap/hip-hop kind of music in Germany. In America, it’s different, but in Germany, those people that are successful right now, it’s more about… It’s not so much about music. It’s more about their lifestyle and how fucked up they are. It’s all lifestyle rather than musical achievements.”

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You can reach the entire interview from here via Blabbermouth. Also, you can listen it from below.