Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe recently joined Summa Inferno for an interview. In the interview, the guitarist said that the rebellion in rock music is over and claimed Metallica is a ‘dinosaur band.’

As you know, ‘rock is dead’ is a long-debated issue. Back in 2014, KISS bassist Gene Simmons issued a statement claiming that rock is dead. The KISS bassist claimed that this was due to the current rock scene as there is no new Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, Metallica, or Maiden.

In a now-inaccessible interview with Summa Inferno, Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe claimed that ‘rock is dead and rebel is dead.’ He said that rock music represented rebellion in the past, but it is far away from that now. As it seems, the guitarist agrees with Gene Simmons on this issue.

Moreover, Kruspe stated that rebellion is more in lyrics today, which is why hip-hop is so popular. According to Kruspe, the next generation will need something else, and rock music is not a priority in the music business now.

As reported by Ultimate Guitar, Summa Inferno’s host asked Richard Kruspe that:

“In some interviews in the past, you said rock is dead, and rebel is dead. You’re still thinking in that way?”

As a response, Kruspe said:

“Well, it is what it is. If something is dead or not so popular, it doesn’t mean I don’t still love it.

Even from the beginning, when I was listening to music, I was always compelled, and I was interested in all kinds of music. Electronic music has such a German tradition – and thinking about Kraftwerk and all those bands that created this kind of sound.

And for me, that music combined with the idea of writing rock songs was always very compelling and interesting. The thing with rock, or every kind of music, had to have a certain kind of mission.

Rock music used to be music that we would all rebel against our parents. I remember when I was small, I was cranking up the rock music and my parents would come in and say, ‘Can you put it down?'”

He went on to say:

“Nowadays, when my kids play rock music, I come and say, ‘Can you make it louder?’ So the rebellion in rock music is over. That’s why I think the rebellion these days is more in lyrics, that’s why I think hip-hop is so popular because the young generation needs to rebel.

But this will also go over to the next generation, they will need something else. I don’t know if rock music comes back but at the moment, obviously, it has changed, it is not a high priority in the music business.”

Following that, the host mentioned Rammstein and Metallica as today’s representatives of rock. Kruspe stated that they are like dinosaur bands that consist of older people. He then added that the big stadium bands are long-gone now.

The host told Kruspe that:

“But you still have huge representatives like Rammstein or Metallica.”

Kruspe said:

“Yeah, yeah, but they are all like dinosaurs. Think about it, all those dinosaur bands are old. We’re old people. The young generation, they’re listening maybe also to rock, but they’re also interested in other kinds of music.

And the other problem is that those big bands – they will not come after. I always talk about those stadium bands – it’s almost over! What’s the last stadium band that you know?”

It seems that Richard Kruspe agrees with the musicians who think rock and roll is dead. Although many contemporary rock bands try to keep rock alive, Kruspe believes rock music has lost its privileges in the music industry.