Former Judas Priest guitarist had a falling out with the band, which later turned into a never-ending feud. The guitarist Richie Faulkner who has replaced him, recently spoke about this tension between Judas Priest and KK Downing.

After being the guitarist of the heavy metal band Judas Priest for years and establishing a name for himself, KK Downing left the band in 2011 due to some complicated reasons he refused to detail. He needed some time for himself and indicated that there were tensions between the band members.

One of the band’s lead guitarists, Glenn Tipton, had announced his retirement due to his illness in 2018 and saddened the fans. Being one guitarist short, K. K. Downing had expectations from the band to call him and ask him to rejoin. However, that didn’t happen and created some resentment in the guitarist’s mind.

Having replaced Downing, Richie Faulkner recently spoke about this tension between his band and its former guitarist. He stated that the whole thing was a ‘shit show,’ and all they needed to do was to call each other and apologize instead of going in-depth with their creative differences. He stated that 40 years is not to be underestimated since it’s a long time to spend with someone, and that time deserves a peaceful ending.

Here are Faulkner’s words about the feud:

“That whole situation with him and the band over the last ten years, to me, has been totally unnecessary; it’s been a bit of a shit show. And I don’t know why that is. To me, music aside, they should maybe pick up the phone and just talk to each other as buddies and go and have a beer and just be pals. You know, f*ck music for a minute; let’s just be pals. And then, whatever happens, happens.

They were pals for 40 years. They lived pretty much together for 40 years — four decades. I wish it was different. All that weirdness of the last ten years didn’t need to happen. If they’d parted on good terms, maybe things would be different now. But, unfortunately, that didn’t happen.”

You can watch the interview below.