Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner joined In the Trenches With Ryan Roxie for an interview during which he revealed the fact about the band’s fanbase, which made him quite surprised.

On April 20, 2011, the guitarist K. K. Downing announced his retirement from Judas Priest, citing creative differences between the band and the management as the reason. As Priest was on the Epitaph World Tour, they suddenly needed another guitarist.

Judas Priest ended their search when Richie Faulkner joined the band as Downing’s replacement for the tour. His first performance with Priest took place on May 25, 2011, on the TV show American Idol, and his first album with the band was released in 2014, called ‘Redeemer Of Souls.’

Back in June 2011, Judas Priest headlined the Sweden Rock Festival. According to what Richie Faulkner told Alice Cooper’s Ryan Roxie during the podcast In The Trenches, he noticed something quite shocking and unusual during one of their performances.

Richie Faulkner said that he assumed Judas Priest’s fanbase consisted of people who were 45 or older. However, he noticed some kids around 13 years old in the front row. According to Faulkner, it was a generational thing as those kids probably listened to their fathers’ records before becoming Priest fans.

During the conversation, Richie Faulkner said the following:

“One of the most surprising things I remember happened after I joined Priest, and I think the second show we did was Sweden Rock. So, we were out in Europe, and I thought the fan base was going to be a certain age group. You know, maybe 50 and up, or 45 and up.

I went out, I looked down the front, and there were kids down there, maybe 12 13 years old, with their horns in the air. I was shocked to see the age and how young they were because it is different generations now. It was the dad, and their kids, and now their kids coming out and listening to dad’s records.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.