Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner spoke to Slug Mag and reflected his ideas about one of the band’s classic songs, which became their opening track, representing their new style and perspective.

Judas Priest released their twelfth studio album entitled ‘Painkiller’ on September 3, 1990, and it was known as their frontman Rob Halford’s last album until ‘Angel of Retribution.’ The record received very positive reviews, and its tracks, ‘Painkiller,’ ‘Hell Patrol,’ and ‘All Guns Blazing’ became very popular worldwide.

Years later, another song, ‘One Shot At Glory,’ drew the band’s guitarist Richie Faulkner’s attention, who replaced the original member K. K. Downing after he announced his retirement from the band due to personal differences with his bandmates and management.

Faulkner realized that the band had never played the song live before. However, they have been opening their shows with this track for a while now, which has received great appreciation from their audience. According to the guitarist, this change can be regarded as Judas Priest’s new image and a celebration.

In Faulkner’s words, he said:

The band has never played it live before. ‘One Shot at Glory’ was one of those songs that you could imagine live. They never played it live, and I always wondered why they didn’t. So now we’ve been playing that one and opening the show with it. I think that sends a message. It’s a statement that we’re doing things the band hasn’t done before, as a celebration. It’s a great opening track, and the crowds seem to love it, too.”

You can listen to the song below.