Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was the latest guest of Eon Music’s Eamon O’Neill this week and talked about ‘Pyromania’ and ‘Hysteria’ albums as well as how an Iron Maiden star almost became a Def Leppard member.

You may follow his long-time career that Rick Allen is considered as one of the most popular drummers of the 20th century. Right after having a hard car accident with his girlfriend and losing his left arm, everyone thought that his drumming career was over. However, he invented a special electronic drum kit and just two years after the accident, he managed to continue playing with Leppard.

In his latest interview, Rick admitted that he had to retain yet another drumming stance after losing his arm and after managing to play press rolls and drags with just his left hand, he stayed with it. He also shared the story of how Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith was in contention for the replacement of Vivian Campbell.

Here is what Rick stated in the interview:

“Yeah, I actually really loved the idea. I mean, there was a kid called Huwey Lucas that was a contender; there was John Sykes; there were all these people kind of lined up.

I loved the idea. It’s interesting, you put somebody in a slightly different situation and new things are revealed about them, and it was cool. It was a compliment that he was so into it. But I think ultimately, I think Vivian was the absolutely perfect choice.”

You can watch the interview right below.