Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds recently shared a post on Instagram to announce that their new album ‘Mercury Act I’ is out and that it was produced by legendary metal music producer Rick Rubin.

As you probably know, since Imagine Dragons released ‘Origins’ on November 9, 2018, the fans have been waiting to hear updates about the new album for a long time. Their waiting finally came to an end when the band released their fifth studio album ‘Mercury Act I,’ on September 3, 2021.

The record was inspired by Reynolds’ longtime struggles with loss, loneliness, and grief and was produced by Rick Rubin, who created iconic metal albums such as Metallica’s ‘Death Magnetic’ and Black Sabbath’s ’13.’ It seems that after working with rap and hip hop musicians, Rubin wanted to come back to rock.

In the caption of his recent Instagram post, Dan Reynolds reflected his gratefulness for his family, friends, and fans who have supported both him and the band during the hard times. He highlighted their great contributions to Imagine Dragon’s new album ‘Mercury Act I,’ along with the crew and great producer Rick Rubin.

Dan Reynolds’ IG post read:

“Today our new record ‘Mercury Act I’ is out. This record was written over the last 3 years and produced by Rick Rubin.

To the fans, my friends, and family who have continually supported me and my band for years now:

Thank you doesn’t quite say it. I’m a very lucky man. Your support has enabled me to be able to do what I love for over ten years now. My friends and family have dealt with me being absent from birthdays, holidays, and just life in general. The fans have been so incredibly gracious all over the world. You have sung with us and welcomed us into your cities and countries with open arms.”

You can see the photo below.

Photo Credit: Dan Reynolds – Instagram