The Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr opened up about the relationship between him and bassist Paul McCartney during a recent interview with The Irish News, and apparently, the two still enjoys working with each other after decades.

As you may know, despite the fact that the band is the best-selling music act of all time, The Beatles only had a decade in order to perform together when they disbanded in 1970, ten years after their formation.

However, they created such a legacy with their music that they often regarded as the most influential band of all time, therefore, even after five decades of their break-up, seeing the only two surviving members, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney, on stage performing together is a dream come true for most fans.

During a recent interview, Ringo Starr revealed that he enjoys performing with Paul McCartney as much as fans enjoy seeing them together, also, Starr referred to working with McCartney as ‘magic’ while expressing his emotions about being on stage with his former bandmate.

Here is what Ringo Starr stated about performing with Paul McCartney:

I love that, getting up with him. We did it at the O2 in England. And then he called me and he said, ‘I’m doing Dodger Stadium if you want to do a few numbers.’

So he picked three numbers, and I got up and went down there. And it’s magic for the audience as well as us. I love playing with him.”

In addition to this, Ringo Starr also revealed the details of the current relationship between the two former Beatles by stating that the two are still friends who hang out with together frequently for dinner and house visits.

Here is what Starr added about his relationship with his former bandmate:

We’re still pals. We don’t hang out with each other a lot. But if we’re in the same country, and if we’re in the same town we always have dinner, and we say hi or he comes over here or I go over to his house.”

As you may recall, The Beatles’ frontman John Lennon was murdered on the evening of December 8, 1980, when he was shot by Mark David Chapman due to the fact that he was even ‘more popular than Jesus.’ The Beatles’ lead guitarist George Harrison passed away on November 29, 2001.

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