One of the most legendary drummers of all time and also well-known The Beatles icon, Ringo Starr, has uploaded a recent photo of himself on his official Instagram account and announced that he’ll do a podcast program via The Beatles’ official Youtube Channel soon.

In the caption area of the post, Ringo stated that the program will be held on April 25 at 9 AM. He also gave some details about the contents of the show and said that the fans will be welcomed by a big surprise during the live broadcast.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Peace and love I am just giving you all a heads up if you tune in to the Beatles YouTube channel on Saturday the 25th at 9 AM Pacific 12 noon Eastern.

You are in for a big surprise and fun and peace and love 😎✌️🌟❤️🎵🎶🥦🐘👏🍎☮️.”

The fans have revealed some conspiracy theories about the big surprise of Ringo in the comment section of the post. We compiled some of them which can be seen below.

A user named smol_cornflake commented:

“Spoiler alert- Ringo reveals that none of the other Beatles actually existed, it was all just him moving really fast.”

Another fan named Jeremy said:

“Oh god what’s the surprise, Ringo?”

Another user named Matt asked:

“Ringos wearing bape is he a hypebeast now?

You can see the Instagram post of him right below.