During a recent appearance on Audacy Check In, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford reflected on the band’s third nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and said that all they want to do is get some more metal to the Hall.

As you probably know, Judas Priest was recently nominated to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the third time in their music career. The band has been eligible for induction since 1999, and they were first nominated in 2018 and then again in 2020, but they failed to receive enough votes for the induction.

The fans have the opportunity to participate in the induction selection process by voting every day on the Hall’s official website. This year’s inductees will be announced in May 2022, and the induction ceremony will take place in the fall. The exact date or venue will be announced later. It is an object of curiosity whether Judas Priest will finally make it to this year’s class.

During a recent interview, Rob Halford talked about the induction process and said that they all aim to get some more metal to the Hall, so he encourages fans to vote for them. Halford thinks it is an important organization since it represents notable figures in music. For him, it is something to enjoy and celebrate the band’s success together with all the fans. The singer sees it as a significant opportunity to honor metal music.

Here are Rob Halford’s statements on being nominated:

“As I said on the first nomination, not saying this one, for us, it’s all about getting some more metal into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s a great establishment as far as what it should be and do, which is to represent all of these figures in music. It’s always a place that’s full of emotion and passion because that’s what music generates in it, so we urge our fans to keep voting because you have to get top five for whatever reason.

We did that the last two times, I think, which gives you a bit of a cherry on the cake if that’s the right expression. It helps you get through the door a little bit more, but it’s important, and the thing is ‘Let’s have fun with this. Let’s not get too over.’ There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world right now. This is cool; this is fun. Let’s get some more metal in there and celebrate the success together.”

You can watch the full interview down below.