Judas Priest frontman and founder of the band, Rob Halford, was recently interviewed by the YouTube channel of Dr. Dot and shared the real reason for not cursing in any of his songs.

You may remember that The Metal God released his latest book named ‘Confess: The Autobiography’ back in September and shared his life story. The iconic frontman celebrated five decades of his heavy metal history and awarded as the ‘Best Music Book of 2020’ by Kirkus Reviews and Rolling Stone.

In the interview he made, Rob was asked to reveal the true reason for not cursing in any Judas Priest song which the answer was not even in his biography. According to The Metal God, instead of cursing in his personal life, he thinks cursing in songs becomes a very dangerous thing to do time by time.

Rob Halford shared his thoughts on cursing saying:

“I love to swear, but I use it in a fun way, I use it in an expressive way – getting your emotions out. But I don’t really think that it has much of a place in our world – in Priest.

I mean, I see and hear it a lot in certain types of music, and, hey, that’s your thing- it’s your choice. Music and all art should not be censored. Once you start censoring art, it multiplies and it becomes a very dangerous thing to do. Again, it’s all about choice.

If you don’t like something, don’t listen to it. If it’s something on the TV that’s making you angry, change the channel. If something makes you angry on social media, go somewhere else. But for me to use explicit language in a Priest song, I don’t think I’ve found the moment yet.

I have a lot of friends in metal that utilize the power of those words. If that’s the word that really emphasizes a part of your message, then, by all means, you should use it.”

You can watch the full interview below.