Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford discussed Richie Faulkner’s current health condition after he suffered an acute cardiac aortic dissection during the band’s live performance earlier this year in an interview on Spain’s Mariskal Rock.

After the sudden incident, Richie Faulkner was immediately taken to the hospital and needed to go through a serious open-heart surgery that lasted more than 10 hours. It was revealed later on by himself that Faulkner doesn’t have a prior history of heart problems. Faulkner also then expressed his gratitude towards the fans, his family, and friends for showing their support and love for him.

Rob Halford was also diagnosed with prostate cancer in Spring 2020 and he started to battle cancer during the pandemic as he recently revealed. In the interview, Halford touched upon the latest news on his cancer treatment and told that the cancer is in remission and he feels pretty good. Halford also didn’t forget to give advice to the ones who are at a certain age to regularly complete their health checks and not to wait until the last moment.

Rob Halford also stated that he is grateful to the health care professionals after the things he and Richie Faulkner went through. Halford expressed that he talked to Faulkner a few days ago on the phone and his voice sounded wonderful. Halford later added that he and Faulkner both feel good, they had a long conversation and they are pretty excited about their future plans with Judas Priest.

Here is what he stated during the interview:

“Along with my issues and just talking about the way that incredible things have happened in my lifetime with medical science especially when you think about what Richie has just been through recently and the miracle doctors, surgeons, nurses, everybody that have brought him back to us, these people are just unbelievable.

Everything’s relative in life. And you never get through life by yourself; you’ve always got people with you helping you along the way. The fans have helped Priest along the way for our entire 50 years. And in other areas of your life, particularly with your health, people are there ready to help, people are there ready to fix you, to get you released for the road again and do all the things that you wanna do.

So, yeah, I feel good, I feel positive. Richie feels good. He feels positive. I spoke with him just a couple of days ago. He sounded great on the phone. We had a long chat about the tour and all the things we’ve gotta do still with Priest. The journey never ends.”

You can check out the video from the interview below.