Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford spoke in a recent interview with Metal Pilgrim and talked about the upcoming Priest album.

In the conversation, Rob mentioned that they have a motto in the band, which is not having an agenda or an idea about the upcoming projects, and this motto helped them to record their latest album, Firepower.

As Rob said that the Firepower album was great, he also pointed out that the upcoming album will have its own unique style including the characteristic Priest sound thanks to their motto.

Furthermore, Rob revealed that the band is still hungry to write new materials and confirmed that it will take about three writing sessions to end the album, but didn’t give any more information about the release due to a non-scheduled workstyle.

Additionally, Rob stated in the conversation that he can already hear about these songs on his head right now and sounds great for him. But they need to tweak some of them in order to finish the album.

Rob Halford said:

“I remember that month that we had at Glenn’s studio. It was incredible. I love the start of any process of making a record – because anything can happen.

We’ve always said, with Priest, is that we never really have an agenda or have an idea. The closest we got to that philosophy was the ‘Firepower’ album. We really wanted to focus on the classic elements of Priest, and I think we got the job done.

So this next one will have its own legs like they all do, its own character. Yeah, just talking now, I can hear the songs in my head, and they’re great. You think you can only go so far, but this proves that that’s a disputed idea.”

He continued:

“You can go as far as you wanna go, as long as you’re channeling all the proper ingredients, and the proper ingredients of Priest have always been the energy of metal, the power of metal, the endless opportunities.

And all of that is embedded in the fact that myself and Richie and Glenn are still as hungry for writing new Priest material as we ever were. Particularly Glenn and myself have been doing it forever, but since Richie’s been with us, even more so.

So, we’re gonna be having probably two or three more writing sessions. We feel we’ve got an album, pretty much, but we’re very self-critical and self-analytical of the work that we do, because we know we have a treasure trove of metal behind us, and we don’t want to drop the heavy metal world.

We want to make sure that this has the same essence, the same characteristics, the same class and quality that all of the Priest albums have had. And so it’ll be ready when it’s ready – I say that all the time. But I think we’re close. It’s gonna be sooner rather than later – that’s the best thing to say.”

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