Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford recently spoke in an interview with Full Metal Jackie and explained his thoughts about their new album “Firepower”. He said:

“Well, here is the thing: for the first time in a long time, we were all in the studio together laying the tracks down. You know, the normal procedure is you get your anchor down with your drum work, and there is maybe somebody alongside doing rhythm or whatever, but Andy [Sneap, co-producer and engineer] was very adamant in making sure that Priest played live on this record, and you can sense that.

You know, the little nuances that you get when you’re playing live together — there’s a little bit of push and pull in the music, just apart from the human performance, is very apparent in ‘Firepower’.

So, as a result of that, we can take anything from the record and play it live. In fact, we’ve just come out of rehearsals in the U.K., as we’ve kicked off this tour, and it’s been another challenge.

How much time have we got to play, and how many songs can we put in the set? We’ve gotta do those classics that our Priest fans wanna hear and we still love to play, but it’s so important for us to play the new music as well.

So, the setlist was a bit of a challenging endeavor, but we found a balance, and this is a great display of Priest through the decades, including the relevance of the band in 2018.”

You can listen the entire interview from here.