Judas Priest singer Rob Halford explained how musicians should react to their haters during a recent appearance on Dr. Dot.

In the conversation, Rob touched upon the fact that numerous people will attack you if you are doing something well and added that this applies to successful and famous bands. While Rob was saying that innumerable people will try to humiliate you, he also mentioned that these comments could easily affect the morale and psychology of the bands and musicians.

However, Rob thinks you need to push these negativities away because there have no value and are not examples of constructive criticism. Also, these comments don’t mean that you are doing the wrong thing.

In fact, getting lots of hateful comments from people means that you are actually doing the right thing in the music scene. As Rob said, people suggested Judas Priest members stick to their daily jobs because they claimed that Priest wouldn’t be a successful band.

Rob Halford on the negativity of the people:

Once people start attacking you, you know you’re doing something good. It’s always the bands that are really getting traction and becoming successful. It’s just a bizarre thing.

Instead of lifting people up, there’s a portion of people that just start trying to bang them down. And that really can affect you in a band, it can really affect you mentally and psychologically.”

He continued:

“You’ve got to push that away, push it away because there’s no merit, it has no merit, it has no value. If anybody’s attacking you, hey that’s their choice. That doesn’t mean you’re not doing good things, you’re not making great things happen.

Everything has its context. It’s been me witnessing over the decades I’ve been in music that some of the greatest bands will tell stories of like, ‘Oh, people said we sucked and we were never going to make it.’

One of the first-ever reviews of Judas Priest was, ‘Don’t give up your day jobs, lads.’

You can listen to the interview below.