Judas Priest’s Rob Halford was recently interviewed by Kaedy Kiely of 97.1 The River and revealed the latest news about his upcoming autobiography.

Here is his statement:

“I kind of said half-jokingly in Australia a couple of weeks ago that it’ll probably be like ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ — it’ll need three volumes — because my life has been all over the place. I think when it is done, it’ll be very deep, it’ll be very personal.

I’ll be sharing some stories that have happened to me that the world has never known about. And that’s only because I’m only now comfortable in my own skin to share some of these intimate details. I think that’s important.

I’ve lived an open life when it comes to my music. I think if you’re gonna do something like this, it’s best just to get it all out of your system and make sure that it’s done properly and not one of these pseudo-autobiography type of things. I want it to be the real deal. So it’s slowly but surely being pieced together.

Rob Halford also said that he believes Judas Priest will never retire making music:

“We kind of almost went into that [retirement] phase with the ‘Epitaph’ tour when Richie came onboard. I don’t think we’ll ever do that; I don’t think we’ll ever kind of say, ‘This is definitely the end.’ We learned a lot from that ‘Epitaph’ experience.

And I think that if and when it happens, which it inevitably does for anybody in life, it could be a grateful exit. And I don’t know how that’ll manifest itself.”

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