Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford spoke in an interview with Digital Journal, and revealed that what he expects from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

First of all, he said:

“You have to accept it since you can’t turn back the tide. I’ve always had my fingers on the pulse of the music industry, in particular, in the metal world.

CD and vinyl are still very important. Metalheads want to stream everything, so you have to cover all the bases and make sure everybody’s needs are taken care of.”

Then, he talked about his expectation from streaming services, and said:

“They need to make the payment system better for the artists since it’s not fair right now. Eventually, that will be sorted, I believe. A band needs to have cash flow.”

Rob also talked about vinyl format, and said:

“Vinyl is beautiful, isn’t it? It is a totally different feel. Incrementally, vinyl is like your favorite sports team’s jersey. It’s one thing to see the team but to have their jersey on is another feeling. You feel more connected to the band since vinyl is tangible.”

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